Asbestos in soil, rubble and dredging sludge

The earlier use of asbestos has made its mark; not only in buildings, but in the soil as well. For example, if rubble is found in the ground, the location is automatically classed as “asbestos suspicious”. An extensive asbestos soil investigation must indicate if the soil truly is contaminated with asbestos. The experts at SGS Search specialize in researching asbestos in soil and provide insight into the facts. We act independent, flexible and fast.

Quick and thorough

An analysis of asbestos in soil, rubble and dredging sludge reveals whether there are materials containing asbestos. And if so, where the contamination occurred. If there is a suspicion that asbestos is present, our experienced field workers work thoroughly, using two types of research:

  • Historical research: aerial photos that were taken of the Netherlands since the Second World War are the guidelines. Dark spots can indicate a ditch that is filled with asbestos-containing material.
  • Field research: our experts take soil, water or dredging sludge samples on location. First, we inspect the ground level visually. After that, we carry out sample survey from the soil.

Survey asbestos in soil, rubber and dredging sludge

Expect clear reports

For the analysis of the samples, we use the accredited laboratory of SGS Search. The laboratory technician determines the nature and concentration of the asbestos contamination. Our findings will be shared in a clear report. Good to know: SGS Search conducts all asbestos research in-house. We have field workers throughout the Netherlands.


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