Asbestos surveys and removal management

Did you know that there are over 3500 different materials that can contain asbestos? You probably know of a few of these, but more than ten? Twenty maybe? Being able to recognise those materials that may contain asbestos is the work of specialists.

The work of specialists 

Experts with the knowledge, experience and research capabilities required to correctly assess whether or not a certain material contains asbestos. Little wonder then that many builders, local authorities, property owners, utility firms and the industry as a whole often call in the experts when faced with problems relating to materials containing asbestos.

SGS Search has been the market leader in asbestos surveying and reconstruction projects for many years now. Our researchers and advisers are experts when it comes to the risks associated with asbestos. They can advise you as to whether asbestos needs to be removed from a particular building or can be left intact, providing, of course that no disintegration of that asbestos occurs. They are used to working on the removal of asbestos in a skilful and professional manner on a daily basis. Besides asbestos, we offer several services around ceramic fibers

Asbestos surveys and removal management

Unambiguous language

SGS Search Engineering B.V. works on the categorisation, research and analysis of asbestos-rich materials together with SGS Search Laboratories B.V., an independent, RvA-accredited laboratory. Using mobile labs across the entire country our fieldworkers and researchers are always able to quickly determine whether or not a material contains asbestos. In cases where further analysis is required, they then take samples. These samples are then tested in our permanent labs using advanced testing methods. To do this our lab workers use a range of instruments including special Scanning Electron Microscopes. The research results are always provided in unambiguous language and include recommendations as to the best solution should there in fact be an asbestos problem. You can also depend on us to carry out all removal and disposal work.

Our project managers have a thorough knowledge of all legislation and regulations and always apply the most practical, cost-efficient solutions for your project. A characteristic feature of the SGS Search companies is that they use clear and uncomplicated language when providing answers to all your asbestos queries. Statistics also show that our pragmatic advice and hands-on approach have already helped many people solve their asbestos problems. As a property owner or manager, project developer or housing corporation you can depend on us for fast, flexible service through our experienced specialists who are able to apply targeted solutions to your asbestos queries and problems and supervise the removal of asbestos in a professional manner. 

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