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Final checks after asbestos decontamination work

There are strict legal regulations attached to the removal and disposal of asbestos. And with good reason, because asbestos can be extremely harmful both to humans and to the environment. SGS Search can provide you with the kind of guarnatees you need.

Final checks after asbestos decontamination work

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As an independent laboratory, recognised by the Board of Accreditation, SGS Search can be of great help to builders in carrying out final checks on their work. We have a fully equipped laboratory and excellent, well-trained personnel for carrying out final checks after asbestos decontamination work strictly according to the legal regulations.

This relieves builders of the responsibility for final checks as they are then carried out by an independent third party. You can then rest assured that the controlling authority will have no room for doubt when the cleared area is declared asbestos-free.

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