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Sample inspection

Are you planning to use and/or reuse raw materials or building materials? Then it is important that you know beforehand the environmental hygiene quality of those materials, as you will then be able to avoid any unnecessary transport costs and know exactly how to handle the materials. According to the Code for soil quality, the raw or building materials you wish to use must first comply with a number of requirements. Inspection of a sample of the soil will tell you whether or not the quality of the land is suitable for the desired purposes

Sample inspection

How can we help?

SGS Search can carry out the soil sample inspection for you and furnish you with the findings in a comprehensible report. Based on this we will then advise you as to the quality and possibilities for (re)use of the materials. 

In order to be able to carry out the research in accordance with the required standards, SGS Search has BRL SIKB 1000 certification for carrying out such inspections.

We can carry out the following inspections:

  • Inspection of soils such as sand, clay and loam: both in depot and in-situ in accordance with VKB protocol 1001.
  • Inspection of non-refined materials such as gravel, granulate, and slag in accordance with VKB protocol 1002.

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