Energy efficiency test and advice

The efficient use of energy has become an extremely important consideration given the ever-increasing cost of energy. Project developers and property owners and managers know all too well the increasingly stricter demands placed on them by the EPN (building code for energy efficiency) and the EPL (energy efficiency on location).

The EPN is an indication of how energy-efficient a building is and expresses it in numbers as the building’s EPC (energy efficiency coefficient). The calculation is based on the characteristics of the building, related installations and its standard usage. As with the EPC, the EPL is the standard for quality of energy, but then for the entire premises and location.

Energy efficiency test and advice 

Efficient energy consumption

In the area of project development, more and more attention is being paid to the efficient consumption of energy and stricter demands are being placed on the insulation of houses and buildings using double-glazing and cavity wall insulation. These can deliver significant savings on heating and cooling costs and are also good for the environment.

Efficient consumption of energy through the introduction of energy-efficient technology and systems at the design phase can help keep your energy costs under control.

Tailor-made advice

SGS Search recognises the pressing need for energy efficiency and is fully versed in all the regulations as set out in the Building Code. All of our research is carried out in compliance with these regulations and with the proper certification. Our experienced advisers can provide you with tailor-made advice on efficient energy consumption in both newly built and existing homes, offices, factories and shops etc.

If required, they can carry out energy efficiency scans in order to establish your current level of energy consumption. The results of these scans form the basis of our advice on how you can realise your projects in the most energy-efficient manner possible.


Our advisers can give you tips and solutions for the installation of intelligent systems that can generate energy using the wind, sun and biomass. Making use of inexhaustible sources of energy means that an object can conform more easily to the EPN standards, as it will then be more CO2-neutral than a conventional object.

A building that produces little or no CO2 emissions, conserves water and waste and that has a high level of energy efficiency is good for the environment and reduces the owner’s energy bill.

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