Real Estate ESG scan

Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) is an increasingly important factor for real estate investors in the choice of investment properties. With the newly developed ESG scan we assess your building with a focus on sustainability and the environment.

ESG scan as a complement to TDD

In response to the increasing demand for insight into the ESG performance of a building, we developed the Real Estate ESG scan. What is unique about this tool is that the known ESG themes are translated into concrete inspection parameters at building level. Based on desk research and inspection, we quickly map the building's performance in terms of sustainability. This makes the ESG scan a valuable addition to a Technical Due Diligence process. Naturally, the ESG scan can also be carried out separately from a TDD.

Result: ESG score

The scan gives you a quick insight into the ESG score of your real estate. The instrument consists of 14 main subjects with a total of over 100 inspection parameters. After completing the scan, you will receive:
- A final ESG score including insight into the building's score on all 14 main topics.
- Insight into the score of each inspection parameter, making it clear where improvements can be made.
- A risk inventory so you know where the biggest ESG risks of the building are.

Vastgoed ESG-scan

Why invest in sustainable real estate?

ESG is now an integral part of the investment world and is taken into account by both institutional investors and private equity parties in the selection of properties. By including ESG in this investment selection process, a better balance is sought between financial and economic results and environmental, sustainability and social interests. In our view, profit, people and planet are increasingly going hand in hand. After all, a sustainable building is future-proof, attractive to tenants and has a higher market value and lower operating costs.


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