Structural inspections and advice

For the purchase or sale of real estate or for construction or renovation projects, clients hire an independent inspection and advice consultant for structural inspections and advice more and more often. They also entrust progress control of their projects and correct project execution according to the contract documents at hand to external experts, such as SGS Search to an increasing extent.


Structural inspections and advice

Our services include an extensive range of services, such as performing structural inspections for purchase or sale purposes and the inspection of building-based systems. The same goes for drawing up long-range maintenance budgets and planning and performing structural preliminary reports prior to demolition or renovation. If requested, SGS Search will perform an energy audit to determine whether the project will be energy-friendly. Moreover, clients can employ us for construction progress reports and periodical quality inspections to stay on top of the execution and material use for construction or renovation.

All data at hand 

As a contractor, you can count on quick, flexible service provision by experienced experts who truly give everything when performing structural inspections and giving advice. SGS Search has an extensive team of specialists that can assess the structural state of adjoining properties, draw up construction and renovation documents and can assess the contract documents of architects and contractors at hand. Often, it is not necessary to examine all components of a structural inspection (again). The analysis of the results of prior inspections often provides insight into the risks. Our clear, insightful and well-organised reports on all our activities guarantee that the client always has all data relating to his/her project at hand.

Our structural engineers and advisers strive to keep the costs of structural inspections and advice to a minimum. Naturally, they base their inspections and advice on current legislation and focus on sustainability and people's and the environment's safety. Our advisers record all data in a final report. The result is a reference work with conclusions on main features and detailed foundations per object.

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