Technical due diligence and environmental due diligence

Having insight into the opportunities and risks is essential for anyone who wants to invest in the industrial sector or real estate. What is the structural condition of the building? What is the environmental condition of the property and the surrounding areas? Potential buyers or sellers are erring on the side of caution by having a technical due diligence (TDD) or environmental due diligence (EDD) carried out prior to the purchase or sale.

Why have a TDD or EDD study carried out?

SGS Search supports both buyers and sellers with TDD and EDD studies (obviously not in the same transaction). What does this type of study offer them?


  • factual insight into opportunities, risks and financial consequences;
  • strategic advice: a substantiated go or no go;
  • reports in any desired format and any desired language.


  • thorough inventory of the structural and environmental risks that can be used during the negotiations;
  • complete and factual advice at very short notice;
  • reports in any desired format and any desired language.

Purchase and sale inspections

Fast, discrete and professional

SGS Search has years of experience with TDD and EDD studies both in the Netherlands and abroad. If you choose SGS Search, you can count on a discrete study and advice, specialist advisors and fast service. We know like no other the tempo at which (real estate) transactions take place and we ensure that you as a client receive the report within the desired deadline. Additionally, we also take a thorough look at the property and the surrounding areas. Where possible, we combine studies to keep the investments as low as possible in terms of time and money.

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