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Construction management

Construction, demolition and renovation projects can be very complicated matters. Consultations with builders and government agencies, permits, risk management, quality control, environmental and safety aspects, meeting deadlines and budgets… a mind-boggling maze if ever there was one. Just like cairns used to guide hikers in days gone by along their routes, SGS Search can help you find the right path for the development of your property. The most reliable and efficient route to the most beneficial result.

Construction management


The management of risk is an essential element of any development project. SGS Search can help you do that. We will provide you with a carefully prepared cost estimate, which can serve as an important source of reference when it comes to expenditure. We will ensure that the progress of the construction work will happen in tandem with all payments by means of independent assessment at various stages of construction.

Thorough testing of the air quality before the commencement of work will ensure that you do not exceed the norms for dust particle concentration. And when you leave the management of operations in the hands of SGS Search, you won’t need to worry about a thing!

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