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Fire safety

A fire-safe building is one that not only complies with regulations, but also functions as a safe place to live and work. Is the building fire-safe by design? And how will it continue to comply with fire safety requirements in the future?

Creating and maintaining fire safety

Achieving a professional standard of fire safety requires a bespoke approach, and extensive practical knowledge. SGS Search has years of experience in achieving and maintaining fire safety in care facilities, nursing homes, offices, shopping centers and prisons. We inspect and advise. We provide contacts and correspond with the relevant authorities such as the fire service and local authorities. And because fire safety is an ongoing process, we get to the heart of fire safety issues without disturbing your core activities.

Fire safety

Do you have an acute safety problem?

Do you need fast answers to a fire safety question? Or do the authorities or fire service want you to take swift action to resolve your fire safety issues? We will get to work for you immediately, and if you wish we can also contact the parties concerned.

Versatile service provision

SGS Search provides customers with a broad range of fire safety inspections and advice, including:

Fire safety inspections (Quickscan and Comprehensive Inspection)

• Fire safety advice
• Fire safety project support
• Equivalence studies
• Supervision of fire safety projects

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