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Equivalence studies

Specific buildings require tailored solutions. Does the surface area of a building differ from the rules in the Building Regulations, for example for a parking garage or a large commercial building? With an equivalence study we determine whether – and how – the building can still comply with fire safety requirements.

Different rules, same degree of safety

They say that exceptions prove the rule, and this is certainly the case where the fire safety of buildings is concerned. Some buildings are so differently constructed that the 2012 Building Regulations are inadequate. Equivalence studies were created to ensure that the building can comply with the same degree of safety, health, usability and energy efficiency.

Equivalence studies


When to carry out an equivalence study

If a fire compartment in your building is larger than permitted in the Building Regulations, we will carry out a NEN 6060 (fire load calculation or fire containment) or NEN 6079 study. Flash-over calculations investigate the risk of flash-over between fire compartments, while CFD calculations offer a solution to predict the course of a fire and the spread of smoke in a large parking garage.

Always offering an alternative solution

SGS Search’s fire safety inspectors are skilled at examining buildings with a different profile or purpose. We have the knowledge and experience to apply the right alternative solutions and bespoke approaches at the right time.

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