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Fire safety advice

Making and keeping buildings fire-safe can involve a complex array of laws and regulations. SGS Search is here to provide customers with relevant fire safety advice at every stage. Below is a short overview of some fire safety questions that we can help you with.

Development phase: from fire safety advice to arranging permits

Do you need a fire safety expert to look at construction plans during the development phase? We will evaluate your drawings and carry out a building plan assessment. We can also arrange everything to do with permits, such as environmental permits for construction or fire-safe usage, and notifications of fire-safe operation.


Construction/renovation phase: putting fire safety requirements into practice

During this phase we ensure that the building complies with all fire safety requirements, both on paper and in practice. Among other matters, you can ask us for advice about the tender process, surveillance inspections, delivery inspections or flash-over calculations.

Operational phase: is everything as it should be?

Do you need to know whether your building meets specific fire safety requirements? Or has your fire service or local authority inspection found defects in your fire safety systems? Our fire safety experts will inspect your building in line with current regulations, give you advice on how the building can quickly be brought back into compliance with the requirements, and correspond with the relevant authorities.

Purchase and sale phase: inspections to provide detailed information

Do you need to know whether a building is fire-safe before you buy or sell it? Or do you want to know what investments will be needed to ensure the building complies with regulations? We can carry out a fire safety inspection for you and give you the right fire safety advice.

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