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Fire safety inspection (Quickscan and comprehensive inspection)

Do you need to know the current fire safety status of your building? A Quickscan can provide you with a clear overview of the situation. After a comprehensive inspection, we produce a dossier which describes all the issues in detail. The results will allow you to pinpoint any weak spots, and establish the steps needed to make the building fire-safe again.

Rapid clarity

The Quickscan indicates the fire safety status of a building in a brief, succinct and clear way. SGS Search has vast experience in inspecting a variety of buildings, so you can be sure of a reliable assessment of the situation. Wherever we identify a problem, we can also provide a solution.


Attention to detail

In a Comprehensive Inspection we delve much deeper into the building. Basing our inspection on the 2012 Building Regulations, we identify any shortcomings and suggest practical solutions, ensuring the building complies with regulations once again. You receive a complete fire safety report, including drawings, photos, repair work and costs.

Good contacts

SGS Search uses experienced and certified inspectors to carry out fire safety inspections. Our extensive experience in a variety of buildings means we can quickly and clearly identify any issues. If your fire service or local authority licensing inspection shows that your building does not comply with the requirements of your construction permit, operating license or certificate of occupancy, and you have a fixed period of time to get everything sorted out, we can help. We will consult with the fire service and the authorities and will quickly come up with workable solutions.

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