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Fire safety project support

Do you want to be sure that your building complies with all fire safety requirements during construction or renovation? The fire safety experts from SGS Search will ensure a fire-safe building from the blueprint phase right through completion.

Certainty during your project

Fire safety should be a top priority, because it is essential for the safety of people and the environment. Many of our customers choose to appoint a professional fire safety contact during their construction or renovation projects. He or she can provide a suitable and cost-efficient answer to any questions and challenges during the construction process. Unpleasant surprises will be a thing of the past.

Fire safety project support

What does fire safety support involve?

We note and describe the building's faults from a technical point of view. We draw up specifications to make the scope and works clear. We provide support with selecting the right contractor for the work required. We look after the tendering process for contractors, assess bids and give advice on awarding the contract. During execution we support the construction process with regard to fire safety and we are also present at the final inspection.

Looking to the future

Our fire safety experts have extensive experience as project managers for a variety of buildings. Effectiveness is a key principle throughout the project. We stand for sustainable, fire-safe and cost-efficient solutions.

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