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Supervision of fire safety inspections

If you want to be sure that your building is fire-safe at the point of delivery, we recommend commissioning surveillance inspections. This smart, built-in security solution allows you to make adjustments to fire safety measures as you go along, meaning there are no issues to resolve on completion.

The reality

Many of our customers want to ensure that their building complies with fire safety requirements, both on paper and in practice. In this case it is a good idea to involve a professional to supervise your construction or renovation project. SGS Search can provide you with qualified and experienced supervisors.

Supervision of fire safety inspections

Regular site visits

During construction, your supervisor will regularly check that the building is being constructed as agreed. If we find a problem, we will also provide a solution. If you wish, we can provide surveillance reports, including photos, as well as carrying out an inspection on completion of the building.

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