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Interior climate research

A poor interior climate can lead to health problems. This is now common knowledge thanks to the many publications on ‘sick building syndrome’ in recent years. Dust, noise, odours, bacteria and fungi have no place in a healthy working environment. They ‘pollute’ that environment and result in loss of productivity. SGS Search specialises in interior climate testing, including for acoustics, dust, olfactory testing, legionella and microbiological testing. Our professional and technically skilled advisers will be able to offer you targeted solutions. These include the regular replacement of filters in air treatment installations, proper ventilation and the timely testing of drinking water for legionella.


As a property owner you would always like to be able to guarantee the users of your property a healthy interior climate. Our team of advisers at SGS Search can check the quality of that climate for you, quickly and efficiently. 

Interior climate research

SGS Search operates its own independent laboratories that can be set up at any location around the country and run by our professional research teams. SGS Search carries out all research and consultancy work completely independently of other parties. This means that you will have one point of contact and no need to consult with other third parties. You will be provided with a definitive report offering practical advice on how to solve and prevent problems.

SGS Search is fully certified to carry out interior climate testing, meaning that all tests are carried out in accordance with regulations. Our advisors can also be called upon to supervise cleaning activities and checks. Measuring is knowing, is our motto. 

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