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Risk management for project development

It is impossible to eliminate all risk in project development. Given the number of different disciplines, and the amount of factors that can have an effect on the progress, cost and quality of the project, a certain amount of unpredictability is simply unavoidable. However, risks are always manageable! To achieve that you need one partner who will coordinate everything for you. One who will monitor all possible disruptions and stumbling blocks and who will spring into action the moment anything goes wrong. A partner with in-depth experience of risk management: SGS Search.

Risk management for project development

A comforting thought 

Project development inevitably involves taking risks; ones you need to be able to manage as efficiently as possible. Technical, environmental and legal risks that could end up damaging your image. SGS Search can help you achieve this with advice and research on air quality, groundwater, asbestos in the soil and in buildings… but also through civil engineering and preliminary reports (with respect to liability claims).

We will provide you with well-founded conclusions and balanced reports. And if you so desire, we can take over all project management responsibilities for you with respect to environmental decontamination, demolition and construction. A comforting thought.

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