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Sustainability scan and advice

You would like to make your building more sustainable? An excellent choice, because sustainable renovation can lead to a better, more valuable future for your property. If you would like to grasp the opportunity to turn your building into a more sustainable one, then you should contact an expert in the area of sustainability. We are that expert.

No surprises

There is a lot more to sustainability than meets the eye. Our knowledge of the subject in relation to your building means that you will never be taken by surprise. Our service is all encompassing. We establish benchmarks for you, provide strategic advice and carry out the actual work on the building itself. What can you expect of us? Tried and trusted methods, innovative developments, sustainable materials, savings on energy and water and intelligent building and installation concepts.

 Sustainability scan and advice

Verification as standard

Verification is provided as standard within our range of services. This way we can guarantee you that you plans are feasible. We back up our solutions with clear and transparent financial estimates. We choose the most suitable options based on these estimates. We make it easy for you to determine the sustainable future of your building. As construction manager we turn your plans into reality. We will deliver a sustainable building that is ready for the future, within the agreed timeframe.

More and more clients now find that their preference lies with a sustainable or energy neutral building than with a more conventional one. The reasons behind this include the increasing importance of sustainability and corporate social responsibility and the increasing awareness among buisness people of the role they ought to play in society as a whole. Furthermore, energy costs continue to rise and rise, which inevitably leads to increased costs for entrepreneurs and organisations.

Practical solutions

SGS Search has at its disposal the people and the means required to provide practical solutions and advice in the area of sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. When required, our advisers can add to our construction and design teams in order to realise the ambitions of clients in relation to sustainable buildings and savings on energy. Our engineers and advisers can provide practical advice when it comes to choice of building materials, thier use and recommended energy-saving systems. They can also carry out cost-benefit analysis for you in order to indicate probable short, medium and long term returns. They also provide clients with an overview of the payback period for sustainable investments.

Not a hype, but a must

Sustainable building is not a hype. Rather it is slowly but surely becoming a must. In relation to conventional construction methods, it has moved from the ‘should’ stage to the ‘worthwhile’ stage. Our advisers can provide ample evidence for this and offer you the best of advice in terms of practicality. They are specialists in the area of building engineering physics and installation technology and are always aware of the newest developments when it comes to bringing the costs of sustainable and energy-efficient building in line with the costs of conventional building methods. Advice on sustainability is one of the many services that SGS Search provides its clients across a wide range of sectors in the area of structural inspections and advice.

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