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Sustainable construction

Sustainable buildings will not be demolished quickly; even in the long-term, they meet the requirements set by users, can change functions, offer attractive building capacity and remain aesthetically interesting. Sustainable materials, energy efficiency by applying clean energy sources and water saving measures are opted for from the start of the design phase onwards. In the same phase, we already take reuse of materials after demolition into account.

Sustainable construction
Intelligent building and system concepts ensure that energy and water saving can become as much as 50%. Sustainable buildings often distinguish themselves by multi-purpose use of space and a location that fits naturally within the spatial layout of the environment. Sustainable construction has proved to pay off. With regard to conventional construction, the initial investment is slightly higher, but attractive subsidy and fiscal options compensate the difference in construction costs. When you add considerable energy costs savings in the longer term, the scales are naturally in favour of sustainable construction.


SGS Search is an expert in the field of sustainable development and construction. Of course, our advisers take the client's ambition level into account, but will always explicitly bring the advantages of constructing as sustainable as possible under the attention, because sustainable construction has a future. By adding our engineers specialised in sustainable construction to a design or construction team, they can add their expertise from the start. They possess know-how of energy management, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, building engineering physics, building management and maintenance.

Moreover, their advice is accompanied by an overview of investment and return costs and payback period. You should come to us for testing the definition phase and guiding and assessing the execution phase; our advisers know the measures of the 'Nationale Pakketten Duurzaam Bouwen' (National Packages for Sustainable Construction), have experience with their application and are able to provide expert advice and supervision. As a property owner or project developer, you can trust that SGS Search distinguishes itself with all its activities in the field of sustainable construction by solutions that can be applied immediately and tried and tested building and system concepts. 

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