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Technical real estate management

In recent years, the property market has been transformed from a landlord’s market into a tenant’s market. In addition, the focus has shifted from new developments to existing properties. The result? The opportunities for existing properties are being used intelligently to their utmost in order to derive income. The new circumstances in the property market require fundamentally different working practices. A development that is reflected in numerous fields (e.g. financing, valuations, asset management, etc.). What impact will this have on the management of a building?

Closer to the tenant

An increased desire to have more direct and more intensive contact with the tenant: this is the need that is evident as a result of our collaboration with building owners. Unlike in the past, when the tenant was kept at a distance and approached and monitored via the administrator, direct contact between the tenant and the landlord has now become indispensable. Building owners are now much more inclined to deploy the unique qualities of their own teams in order to fully satisfy the wishes of the sitting tenant, respond to his signals in a timely manner, and negotiate with him.

Technical real estate management

Implementing a smart strategy at the right moment

The focus on existing properties has also changed the way in which buildings are regarded. Owners want to have a long-term view of how a building can provide an optimal return. Cost-efficient exploitation plays a more prominent role when the focus is on profitability. Moreover, the sustainability of the buildings is an issue that building owners wish to address in order to guarantee the value of their property. In order to achieve this, a broad vision is required with regard to the opportunities for a building. Supplemented by a pragmatic view: not only implementing a smart strategy, but also choosing the right moment to do so.

Building management by SGS Search

Since we have already have approximately 20 years of expertise in inspecting and analysing the built-up environment and advising building owners, we know that we can really make the difference for you. Because we know that property management is much more than just the sums of its parts. Because we understand that it concerns comfort for the tenant and the best returns for you.

Another vision = collaborating differently

This form of management also requires a different way of collaborating. In other words:

  • You do not pay a percentage of the rental price, but only for what we actually do. Of course, this is based on a budget ceiling.
  • According to our clients, this factor alone provides a cost reduction. The fact that we deploy our own specialists for all matters that arise, instead of hiring external consultants, further enhances this benefit.
  • For every improvement or measure, we look for the most sustainable variant (within budget).
  • You can rely on complete independence. For example, when outsourcing work to maintenance providers, as well as in the relationship with tenants and every other commercial interest.
  • You are always aware of the technical condition of your property: also, if for example, you decide to sell it.
  • SGS Search is RICS-certified; we meet the highest standards of impartiality and integrity in terms of technical and environmental due diligence.


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