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Technical risk management

Management is foresight

Real Estate Requires Proper Management

Real estate is an excellent investment... if managed properly. After all, an inadequate maintenance status and environmental contamination negatively influence the yield and value. They affect well-being and the users' productivity and they can lead to liability risks; a game warden knows exactly what is going on in his forest, when to act and when not to act. SGS Search keeps a watchful eye in buildings.

Technical risk management

Inspection, Reporting, Advice 

SGS Search collects and interprets all facts necessary for solid property management through structural, environmental and safety-technical inspections that are executed with the users hardly noticing it.
We also examine the indoor climate that is more and more often proving to be responsible for the Sick Building Syndrome. Practical reports offer a clear insight into possible risks, the value and suitability of your building. It provides you with the right input for an effective and primarily cost-efficient maintenance planning. SGS Search keeps your real estate healthy.

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