Emergency service

Whenever you are faced with an emergency situation, you need to be able to rely on rapid, decisive and expert help. For the safety of residents, the general public, workers and the environment. Of for ensuring the continuity of your commercial activities. SGS Search provides immediate assistance. Thanks to our large number of nationwide branches, we can be on site to assist you within a maximum of ninety minutes. And with the right equipment, the right people and right kind of expertise.

Emergency service

Real reassurance

Imagine you are faced with an acute problem in your work. A problem with asbestos removal, for example, or demolition work. You are concerned about the possible release of dangerous substances. If that is the case then what kind of substances and how much? Has the surrounding area been contaminated, is there a risk to residents or workers?

SGS Search can provide you with answers. Including a clear interpretation of the test results and advice on the best course of action. A real reassurance.

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