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Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Does your business process meet official environmental requirements? Or would you like to understand the full environmental impact of the business process? Via an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), we can identify any points of attention and risks that the owner or entrepreneur should consider.

Process Analysis

During an ESA, all relevant components of the business process are examined to determine whether they comply with specific environmental requirements. This includes (inter)national laws and regulations, as well as policy requirements set by the organisation itself. For example, the storage and use of environmentally hazardous substances (such as oil and chemicals) is analysed, as well as the ambient air and any waste water that is released.

ESA Phase I

An ESA starts with a Phase-I audit, which provides insight into the components that pose potential health and/or environmental risks. This audit consists of:

  • Desk research, during which we have a look at all available documentation about the building and business activities (including environmental licenses). We identify which parts of the business process must meet specific requirements with regard to soil, water, noise and air;
  • An on-site visit, during which the building, the existing facilities and processes, and the surrounding area is visually inspected for possible risk factors;
  • Interviews with the owner, building administrator(s), employees and other relevant stakeholders.

This results in a clear report for the owner or entrepreneur, containing all findings and recommendations.

ESA Phase II

If the first audit shows any deficiencies, or if we do not have sufficient information, we will proceed to ESA Phase II. During this phase, we conduct additional research to provide a proper overview of potential risks. This research may include:

  • A soil and waterbed analysis;
  • An inventory of asbestos;
  • An examination of hazardous substances and materials;
  • An examination of waste water and air emissions.

Why choose SGS?

SGS has extensive experience with ESAs internationally. If you decide to engage SGS, you will be ensured of discrete research and advice, specialist consultants and fast service. The centre of expertise is located in the Netherlands and, using a worldwide network of local branches, we will make certain that you will receive clear reports within the amount of time you require. If necessary and possible, we will combine additional research to keep the amount of time and money to be invested as low as possible.


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