Feasibility study

Project developers for ‘green fields’ projects, inner-city developments and development projects in built-up areas are required to carry out thorough preliminary research for all zoning plan procedures. This must be followed by the submission of a feasibility study for their plans to the relevant authorities. This document covers all research related to air, water, soil, flora and fauna and archaeological aspects. For external security reasons the feasibility study must also contain definitive information in relation to any associated risks, such as hazardous substances or the possibility of criminal activity.

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Feasibility study

As a project developer, property owner or property consultant you can ask SGS Search to compile a feasibility study for you. Our role in this as project leader is one of coordination. The research involved covers a number of specific areas and needs to be carried out by specialists. SGS Search will take on responsibility for coordination, meaning that you will only have to deal with one contact person. We will ensure, of course, that your feasibility study is completed on time and deliver a document to the relevant authorities that they will have no cause to question.

Our researchers and advisors know exactly what a feasibility study should contain in order to be granted quick approval. The results will be summarised in comprehensible reports. You can rely on the transparent and pragmatic approach of SGS Search for all your construction, renovation and ‘green field’ projects.

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