Hexavalent chromium surveys, advice & project management and training

Hexavalent chromium -also known as chromium-6- is a complex chemical substance. Therefore, the issues of our clients vary greatly. Do you want to know if you are dealing with hexavalent chromium coatings? Do you need a project manager to smoothly handle your project? Are you looking for an experienced inspector after removal of the dangerous materials? Whatever your issue is, we help you move forward safely.

It seems like hexavalent chromium is popping up everywhere in society. Nevertheless, there is no sudden rise in the usage of hexavalent chromium. The media coverage is just shining light on an existing situation. How can we help you take the necessary action against the toxic metal that is often used in paints and coatings, because of its corrosion-resistance, durability and strengthening effect?

Hexavalent chromium surveys

Are you in a rush and do you need to know if you are dealing with hexavalent chromium on location? Or do you seek thorough research in a laboratory? Whatever the situation, SGS arranges the research process. We conduct your final inspections after removal as well.

Heavy metals

Hexavalent chromium is not the only dangerous heavy metal. It is also possible to detect other heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, nickel, mercury and cobalt. For the detection in paint and coatings we use the accredited HXRF or analyze paint samples in our laboratory.

Advice and project management

Projects regarding hexavalent chromium are complex and ask for an experienced partner. For example, do you want a plan of action based on a firm foundation? Do you need a number of inspectors who map hexavalent chromium components within a few days during a major project? Do you have high standards regarding communication with residents and involved partners? Are you curious about where we can achieve cost savings? Or do you want to outsource the tender process? Good to know: we carry out all of these projects. Among our customers are government agencies, property owners, contractors and industrial partners.


Having basic knowledge about hexavalent chromium within the company, makes it easier to make the right risk assessments and decisions regarding the hazardous substance. Through our practical training your employees learn how to recognize suspicious applications and know which procedures to follow. If you wish, we can train your employees at your own business location.


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