IHM Phase 2 and 3 safe recycling

The recycling or repair of ships in shipyards is still too often done in an irresponsible way, which can lead to the release of hazardous materials. With the focus on sustainability and the health of people and the environment, international legislation requires a different approach.

You want the certainty that the demolition is done according to the HKC and EUR laws and regulations at a maximum yield. In addition, you want to avoid fines or the loss of financiers. SGS is at your side in your recycling journey; for strategic advice, specialist research and the day-to-day management of all parties involved in the process.

The road to scrapping

During the operational phase of a ship, it is very important to map and then monitor (IHM) the hazardous materials on board. Prior to scrapping, in phases 2 and 3, research into hazardous materials in liquids present and cargo residues that may have been left behind is also necessary. With the IHM reports from phases 1, 2 and 3, and the recycling plan drawn up by the shipyard, you as a ship owner can apply for the Ready for Recycling-certificate.

IHM fase2

Scrapping and recycling

Recycling a ship in accordance with laws and regulations involves a lot of work. SGS is ready to support you. In the form of project management or separately, we can offer:
- Perform IHM surveys for phases 1, 2 and 3
- Support the site in drawing up a recycling plan
- Checking and advising on the drawn-up recycling plan
- Drawing up a Health & Safety plan
- Cost estimation for the purpose of the tender
- Safety expert guidance during the entire recycling process
- HSE Plan
- HSE Audit
- HSE Safety Coach
- Counter assessment in case of potential conflict of interest

Why SGS?

SGS is a world leader in inspection, verification, analysis and certification. We are also a market leader in sustainability and have been active in the maritime sector for many years in the area of IHM surveys and IHM Maintenance. With this we lay the foundation for safe working on and with ships. We have years of experience in project management for demolition and recycling in the industry. Under the most stringent legislation and regulations, we were involved in several large-scale demolition projects.