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Inventory of hazardous materials (IHM) maintenance service

Staying compliant at all times, does not happen by itself. That’s why every change on board must be notified, meaning an updated IHM is required. For example, after a refit or intensive docking, it is possible that hazardous materials have been brought on board. We simplify work, prevent unnecessary re-sampling and reduce costs with our IHM Maintenance service.

Completing an IHM survey and possessing an approved report, is only the beginning of being compliant. It is the ship owner's responsibility to ensure continuous conformity of the inventory. The digital system NautilusLog makes it easier to maintain your IHM report during the full life cycle of the ship. Why this is so convenient? We simplify work, prevent unnecessary re-sampling and reduce costs with our IHM Maintenance Service.


Health and safety on board a ship requires active and constant attention. A maintained Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) is vital for minimizing health risks and meeting mooring requirements. An IHM covers the entire life cycle of the vessel: from construction and its active service life until dismantling.


NautilusLog is a smart software program which helps maintain your IHM report. The system is tailored to the needs of every ship owner and is usable on every mobile device. Once an IHM- report is created, it’s uploaded in the database where it can be updated automatically at any time. It also optimizes your purchasing and prevents hazardous materials from being installed on board of ships at all.


If you have a purchasing system, your purchase information is automatically transferred in the background without further work. Alternatively, we also support you in importing other formats and input options.


The system controls and automates all relevant procedures, as well as documentation for each area of the ship. We automatically archive in your interest and thereby reduce the workload, but not the completeness, for all involved. Also missing information such as SDOCS and Material Declarations are automatically requested and collected by us from your suppliers.


The tool makes it possible to simplify inventories and use the smartphone app to send legally required notifications to the employees. Flexible and scaled data can also be transferred to external systems, so that laboratories, certification companies, crew and management are integrated in the business process and maintain the ship’s lifecycle.


Our IHM experts are on standby 24 hours a day. If needed, inspections can be performed as you continue your journey. Samples are analyzed in our own laboratory. This means that the results can be made available to you in the shortest time. With a presence in all major ports around the world, our services are available whenever and wherever you need them.


For more information about our IHM or IHM Maintenance Service, please contact:
Wouter Hagens
t +31 (0)88 – 214 66 00



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