Riverbed research

The Netherlands has a lot of surface water in the form of waterways, canals, ditches and lakes that play an important role in the shipping industry and in the drainage and storage of rainwater. The quality of the surface water is also very important to a multitude of natural processes. One of the most important activities with regard to water storage, quality and the uninterrupted flow of shipping is regular dredging.


The task of managing and maintaining waterways is generally left to the various water authorities, governmental authorities and/or local authorities, but sometimes to individual companies as well, in cases where the water runs through an industrial area for example. Riverbed research

Before the riverbed can be dredged, its quality must first be tested. The quality of the dredged material must also be tested by experts before it can be disposed of properly.
Samples are taken with the help of a boat, a pair of waders or simply from the water’s edge. After the samples have been analysed, one can determine the category under which the dredged sludge falls. The results are presented in a clear and concise report.

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