Supervision of soil decontamination

Has an earlier survey shown that the land is contaminated? Then decontamination is often the best solution for the prevention or management of any risks to humans or to the environment. The Soil Protection Act places a number of demands on any decontamination work, such as expert environmental supervision in accordance with the SIKB-BRL 6000 standard. In order to carry out this work successfully and to get the best results from the land, it is advisable to hire the services of a project manger with the right kind of expertise for the decontamination project.

What the environmental supervisor can do for you

The environmental supervisor manages the soil decontamination work for you. They monitor the process, make sure that the work is carried out in accordance with the permits, take samples and report to you. They also check that the work has attained its objectives by taking last-minute samples, compiling an evaluation report and taking care of all administrative duties.

Supervision of soil decontamination

The project management work consists of all preparatory activities, such as formulation of the decontamination plan, organising subcontractors and the acquisition of the required permits and reports. The project manager is responsible for these tasks.

How can we help?

SGS Search takes on the responsibility for environmental supervision and project management of the soil decontamination work. We first take a look to see if we will take on the entire project ourselves or if we may also require subcontractors. You can depend on us for a practical approach that is suited to your needs and is in accordance with all legal requirements. In this way not only will you be in compliance with the Soil Protection Act, but you will also get the best result possible from the decontamination work.

SGS Search is certified as an environmental supervisor in accordance with the SIKB-BRL 6000 standard.

What can we do for you?

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