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H&S audit

During your construction or renovation project you want to comply with all legal requirements so that your employees work under safe and good working conditions. To make sure your H&S plan and RI&E comply with the correct legislation and regulations, SGS Search conducts the H&S audit. Do you prefer to take safety within your company to the next level? Then our Safety Coach can advise and assist you.

Legally required documents

During the preparation of the construction plans, you secure the safety and health of your employees in a H&S plan with an accompanying RI&E. To comply with legislation and regulations these documents have to meet certain content requirements. With a H&S audit, our H&S coordinator assesses your paperwork and provides you with advice so that your documents comply with laws and regulations. All our H&S coordinators have a construction engineering background and meet the training requirements of an intermediate safety expert.

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H&S audits

Your construction or renovation project is in full swing. You want to be sure that the work is carried out as drawn up in the safety plans. Our H&S coordinator visits your site to check whether the agreements made are actually being met. Any deviations will be reported. In case of serious deviations or dangers the work will be temporarily halted, in consultation with the client.

Safety coach

A H&S coordinator usually checks in an audit whether the implementation of your construction and renovation plans meets the legal requirements. Do you want to go a step further than the legal requirements? Then our Safety Coach can investigate, together with you or on your behalf, what the possibilities are for bringing health and safety in your organisation up to the highest attainable level. You receive a clear report with the results of the investigation with clearly described advice and action points. After which you yourself, or with the support of our Safety Coach, can develop and implement the actions within your organisation. 

H&S audit + AMS

SGS Search cleverly combines the H&S audit with an Occupational Health & Safety Management System (AMS). If required, we can include all reports and action points from the audit in a digital system. This way you always have access to the documentation, and we can easily keep it up-to-date. For example, if you want to certify your organisation or an employee, with one click you have all documents at hand.

Why SGS Search?

When you choose SGS Search to carry out the audits for you, you can count on expert assessment and advice for the plans and activities of your project. Whether it concerns agreements between you, your subcontractors and your employees, the legislation and regulations of your project (legal compliance), during new construction or renovation, in whatever sector; we have all the expertise in-house. With our years of experience, we ensure that you can better guarantee safety and health in your organisation. It is also possible to opt for a complete package of HSE Management, in which case we take care of all your concerns during your project.


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