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Risk inventory and evaluation (ri&e)

Wherever work is done, there are occupational risks involved. These include machines, hazardous substances, aggression or violence, but also computer screen work and risks to the climate. According to the Working Conditions Act, such risks must be included in a Risk Assessment and Evaluation (RA&E). Do you comply with the legal requirements of the RA&E? SGS Search is at your service.

Legal requirements

To identify risks in business operations, the RI&E has been mandatory in the Netherlands since 1994 under the Working Conditions Act. The RI&E forms the basis for a sound working conditions policy and must in any case include the risks identified in the areas of policy, (fire) safety, health and welfare (psychosocial workload) of the employees. The Inspectorate SZW checks companies for the presence of an up-to-date, tested RI&E. If this is missing or incomplete, the Inspectorate SZW can fine the organisation.


RA&E while working from home

The work situation has changed in many organisations recently due to COVID-19. Employees work at home whenever possible, something which may become more common after the pandemic. Are you aware of the new risks that working from home entails? Have agreements been made, for example, about an ergonomically designed workplace, work and rest times and accessibility?

In the RI&E of your organisation, you should pay attention to the risks of working from home. If this is not the case, then the RI&E is probably no longer up to date. Mapping out the risks of working from home prevents absenteeism, improves working conditions and prevents possible fines from the Inspectorate SZW.

What do we do?

A safety expert from SGS Search assesses your organisation and reports the risks present. After the inventory, all risks are analysed. This means that we determine the seriousness of the risk and the term within which the measures need to be taken. All this is recorded in a report after which your organisation can structurally minimise the risks. Experience shows that the health and safety policy of many companies requires practical improvements. The RI&E is a first step in the right direction. In addition to complying with legal obligations, the organisation will have a better policy on company risks, such as reducing absenteeism and industrial accidents.

During the implementation of the RI&E, you can expect the following from SGS Search:

  • A company visit by an expert consultant (safety expert)
  • Several interviews with relevant officials involved
  • A tour of the company premises, along workshop(s), warehouse(s) and other workplaces
  • A practical report by the consultant, including a proposal for a plan of approach, tailored to your organisation
  • The RI&E and the plan of approach are tested and assessed by an independent certified key expert (higher safety expert or occupational hygienist) in accordance with the legal obligation.

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