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Corporate sustainability through cradle to cradle

SGS Search Consultancy is an organisational consultancy firm focusing on sustainability and cradle to cradle. Our mission is clear: we want companies to perform in a sustainable manner. We are convinced and even prove that successful entrepreneurship and corporate sustainability reinforce each other in multiple ways. Taking care of the environment, people and society results in better operating results. The success lies in making conscious decisions matching your organisation.

Corporate sustainability

Specialised in full supervision

We are specialised in the full supervision of corporate sustainability. Our approach is characterised by its focus on results; corporate sustainability is not just simply implementing some measures or drawing up a report. Successful corporate sustainability starts with a deep insight into your performance in the field of sustainability, your processes, the expectations of your main stakeholders and legislation and regulations. Our way ensures the right focus, thus realising your ambitions and being a source of inspiration to your employees and clients. Of course, we will run through this process together with you; together we will give shape to your sustainable future amongst others by using cradle to cradle. SGS is appointed general assessor for Cradle to Cradle Product Certification.

The profit of corporate sustainability

Corporate sustainability is a co-production. Our goal is to make your organisation successful. This is achieved by anchoring sustainability in your genes and processes. You will not do less, but more. For example, by providing answers to social issues, responsible production, saving costs, optimising processes, lowering your dependency on scarce production resources, sharing success and inspiring your environment.

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