LCA – Life cycle analysis of product and services

With a life cycle analysis (LCA), you can determine the environmental impact of your products or services throughout the entire (production) chain. You can see precisely which environmental effects occur at which time. The analysis is an important basis for tenders where sustainability plays an important role. An LCA is also an ideal stimulator for the sustainable development of products and production chains.


An LCA in brief

A life cycle analysis is based on the international standards ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. For the Netherlands, we work with NMD (Nationale Milieudatabase) assessment methods for construction products. The environmental effects of a product are made transparent at each phase of the life cycle: from the extraction of natural resources to waste processing. SGS Search analyses, among other things, the consumption of energy and materials and emissions into the air, water and soil. We convert this into environmental effects, such as the greenhouse effect, damage to the ozone layer and ocean acidification. The result is an environmental profile which forms the basis of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) or inclusion in the Dutch National Environmental Database.

When should you carry out an LCA?

Sustainability is an important factor in tender processes. As a result, there is an increasing need to understand the environmental performance of products and services. Our LCA service offers solutions when:
• You need a project-based LCA, for example to win a tender
• Your customer asks for an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) or MPRI (Milieu Relevante Product Informatie – environmentally relevant product information). We can carry this out efficiently and at low cost
• You wish to have your product included in the Dutch National Environmental Database
• You need strategic advice from someone familiar with the latest and future developments and regulations
• You want to test an existing LCA. The LCA experts at SGS Search are authorised to review LCAs, for example for inclusion in the Dutch National Environmental Database

Why SGS Search?

We do more than simply carrying out the LCA. The analysis provides very specific sustainable information. On the basis of this, we give advice on the further development of your products or services, and explain how you can use your environmental performance commercially. SGS Search provides flexible solutions tailored to your company.

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