Sustainable redevelopment

Sustainable redevelopment offers excellent opportunities for our existing urban environment. Almost 8 million square metres of office space is currently unused at the present time in the Netherlands. A clear signal that we need to rethink our approach to urban planning. Intelligent transformation and redevelopment of buildings can have a positive effect on the value of empty properties. And sustainable redevelopment also has a positive effect on our public spaces. The time is ripe to give a new lease of life to empty properties in our urban landscape.

Sustainable redevelopment

Making redevelopment sustainable

A sustainable approach to redevelopment can deliver major increases in profit margins. It is good for the environment, our living and working areas and brings economic benefits. We achieve these results by reusing raw materials, designing buildings and surrounding areas in a multi-functional manner and introducing new energy concepts. We involve everybody in any given area in the entire process. That is what we call sustainable redevelopment.

A win-win situation

Our clients are often amazed by the results of sustainable redevelopment. Examples? An energy-efficient building can reduce its CO2 emissions by 8 to 10%. The building no longer relies on the dwindling supply of fossil fuels. And research carried out by Nils Kok from the University of Maastricht and Maarten Jenner from the Erasmus University (2011) shows that sustainable buildings deliver 6.5% more in returns on rent than unsustainable buildings.

Our methods from A to Z

We will be involved at all stages of the entire reallocation project. We will provide support and advice on matters relating to communication, policy, start-up and follow-through in partnerships and the development of new revenue models. A thorough inventory of your current status is our basic starting point. You can depend on our support in all matters relating to projects and to policy.

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