Our story

"Consideration for the environment and working conditions, respect for people and their environment, corporate social responsibility and inspired leadership form the basis for the future. A willingness to cooperate, creativity and innovation, in combination with a sense of responsibility at every level of society, are the key to success." Anne-Marie Rakhorst founder SGS Search

Making the most of opportunities

SGS Search was founded in 1994 and has been developing steadily ever since. Ambition has always been the driving force behind our growth.

Only one year after setting up as a lab, SGS Search had already established its own consultancy firm in the area of quality control and its own training institute: sharing the deep pool of knowledge at SGS Search with others has remained one of the spearheads of our company. And we didn’t stop there. A couple of years later we set up our engineering firm and expanded our range of services. SGS Search continues to see opportunities at every turn. This is obvious from the expansion of its services down through the years, which has seen the firm grow into a multi-disciplinary international company with a workforce of over 300 employees at three different locations in the Netherlands (Heeswijk, Amsterdam and Groningen). Today SGS Search is made up of five different companies, each with its own specific specialist area and skills.

Mutual values

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In order to carry out our work we must possess a number of accreditations and certifications. All of these (and more!) have been granted. The independent character of the original lab is still to be found in all of the SGS Search firms.

Together the various SGS Search firms form a productive base upon which we continue to build successfully. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility have been the mutual values of SGS Search right from the start. Between the various companies and, of course, between SGS Search and its clients.