SGS Search companies

SGS Search is an international engineering firm, consultancy firm, laboratory and training institute. Socially responsible business practices and optimal support for our clients are the cornerstones of our organisation. Our activities are centred on the (sustainable) urban environment, with our focus on matters relating to asbestos, the environment, safety, structural quality and sustainability.

Working together towards a common goal

Being on the ball at all times is very important to us at SGS Search. We are able to reap the benefits attached to running a medium-sized firm. We are small enough to be able to react quickly when required and to maintain personal contact with our employees in a horizontally structured organisation. That is why we decided to divide the concern up into five business units. Together they go to form SGS Search. Each SGS Search company has its own set of responsibilities. And we always work together towards a common goal.

SGS Search Engineers is a recognised and trusted specialist in the areas of purchase and sales inspections, technical risk management, safety management, construction management and risk management for project development. It specifically specialises in asbestos, soil, air quality (particles) and energy performance research, but also in technical, structural and fire safety inspections. Our engineers are highly skilled in the drawing up of estimates and in planning, advising on and supervising environmental decontamination, demolition, renovation and new construction projects.

SGS Search Laboratories is specialised in the testing of materials and air quality. Our expertise with regard to asbestos and building materials is unique in the Netherlands. The demands of our clients form the basis of our service. Our mobile laboratory is ready to answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Characteristic of our working methods are our flexible service, fast and efficient communication and our focus on ensuring that our clients get value for their money.

SGS Search Training is made up of trainers/advisers who are highly experienced in the field of competency management, the development of tailor-made training programmes and the supervision of organisations in the implementation of new training methods. Of course, SGS Search also offers a wide range of course and training programmes in the areas of asbestos, emergency services, safety and the environment. The programmes are available both in the new, digital 'e-learning' form and in the more traditional form. When providing in-company training we adjust the programmes to suit the specific needs of our clients.

SGS Search Consultancy is a consultancy firm for organisations with a strong focus on sustainability. We provide services that tackle the ‘why, how and what’. Meaning that we determine a course of action together with the board and management at a strategic level (the 'why'), with reference to internal organisation and external stakeholders. The 'How' is the finding out what the organisation can excel in, in a profitable manner. Finally, the 'what' is the interpretation and application of the above in communication, organisational change, mindshift and culture.