Sustainable business practices

Man is an integral part of the world in which he lives. A clean, safe world where he can live in peace contributes to his sense of well-being. SGS Search works with and for people, maintains a place firmly at the heart of society and understands the various themes at play all around us. We like to be inspired by the environment in which we work. Or as we put it: Environment Inspires.

Increased returns, for SGS Search as well

Prioritising people and their environment is profitable. It’s that simple. This may manifest itself in the form of low absenteeism rates or a positive attitude towards clients that encourages more cooperation. We show that the idea that sustainability is prohibitively expensive is a misconception and back this up with solid evidence, i.e. our own office buildings.

A sustainable workplace

Our sustainable office buildings were inspired by the world in which we live, with one eye firmly on the future. No detail was neglected with regard to sense of responsibility, choice of materials and the environment. The SGS Search offices in Amsterdam and Heeswijk are good example of how sustainable buildings work and banish all prejudices like ‘too expensive’, ‘unrealistic’ and ‘too complicated’ for good. Thinking outside the box, taking risks and just going for it opens the door for all kinds of new initiatives.

Social contribution

SGS Search also does its best to promote social responsibility. We try to bring essential matters like culture, nature, education and work together as one whole. That is why we share our expertise at readings, in books and on our websites. We also participate in organisations such as the Dutch Green Building Council. We also provide financial support to the Eugène Janssen Foundation.