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Ever since our establishment in 1994, we have been working together with our clients at finding answers to questions relating to the urban environment and its users. Not only for matters related to asbestos, but also for sustainability, soil, energy, buildings, safety and environmental issues. Below you will find a selection of projects we have carried out for our clients over the years.

Training References

SGS Search Training is an innovative training institute specialising in safety, emergency services, the environment,…

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Environment references

How clean is our environment these days? Many of our clients have posed that question. SGS Search helps them…

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Safety references

As your trusted partner, SGS Search can help you compile a thorough inventory of the facts: covering everything…

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Buildings references

Based on integrated research of the facts, SGS Search can advise you on everything from purchase and use to…

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Energy references

SGS Search can compile a complete inventory of your energy requirements, energy use and energy labels, and…

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Ground references

In its role as an independent partner, SGS Search can provide you with a complete inventory of the riverbed,…

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Sustainability references

SGS Search can turn your ambitions with regard to sustainability into reality. We are a one-stop-shop for…

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Asbestos references

As an independent partner SGS Search can help you compile an inventory of the facts, supervise your (decontamination)…

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