Amsterdam Rai interior climate study

The SGS Search Engineers firm was commissioned by the Amsterdam RAI to carry out an interior climate study in the offices of RAI Elicium on the Europaplein 14 in Amsterdam.

The study will concentrate on floors 6 to 9 in the building.
The study was commissioned as a result of complaints by users of the building about its interior climate. The objective of the study is to form a clear picture of the air quality, microbiological aspects (hygiene), level of comfort and climate control in the building.

Amsterdam Rai interior climate study

The interior climate study consists of a visual element (climate technical) and a physical element. The physical values will be measured against the normal standards shown here below. Everybody experiences temperature differently. One may find the temperature pleasant or not depending on one’s clothing, state of health and the work that one carries out.

The optimal temperature for any given room depends largely on the kind of work done, the time of year and personal preferences. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Working Practices recommends the following for office work in wintertime: 20–24 ºC; and in the summer: 23–26 ºC. The temperature of a space depends not only on the temperature of the air, but also on the level of atmospheric radiation.

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