Transition management for Adyen: department store becomes office

Adyen started in 2006 to make payments easier for companies. They capture payments from different channels (such as online, cash or via mobile devices) in one system. Since the start, the payment platform has grown enormously; reason for a new, larger location. Adyen found this on the Rokin in the centre of Amsterdam, in the three buildings previously used by department store Hudson's Bay.

For the lease of the three properties, Adyen sought an independent technical advisor to investigate the transition possibilities of the buildings. Through the real estate agent, they came to SGS Search, says Board Assistant Luc van den Ende: 'It is clear that we have no knowledge of the technical condition and possibilities of buildings. With SGS Search we found a partner in Ben Temming, who has been assisting us since day one and provides us with expert advice where we need it'.


Integrity of the property

The transition from a department store to an office building involves a lot of work. Particularly when it comes to the climate system; a department store requires a completely different air treatment than a fully occupied office space. In addition, extensive consideration was given to the wishes of the organisation. Van den Ende: 'We took a good look at the integrity of the building and at Adyen's identity and what we want from our location. Connection is very important in this project. We would like to look for connections with each other and with the building'.

Complete project management

Ben Temming, Project Manager Transition Management at SGS Search adds: 'We offer fast, independent and expert help with the large-scale transition, from advice and guidance to full project management. This also includes full supervision and quality control during implementation. In fact, we are involved in every step of the transition. An incredibly nice challenge'.

Technical input of great value

In addition to all the innovations, the impact on the environment and sustainability was also examined. For example, it was decided to recycle the ‘Amsterdam bricks’. The first part of the transition is expected to be completed halfway through 2021. Van den Ende: 'We are very satisfied with the process so far. The contact is smooth and accessible. Ben and SGS are advising on almost all decisions, with the technical input in particular being of great value to us'.

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