Energy references

SGS Search can compile a complete inventory of your energy requirements, energy use and energy labels, and translate this information into clear and affordable solutions. So as to improve energy efficiency and even allow you to share energy resources with the surrounding area. Still have some questions concerning energy use? Then we will examine which form of energy generation is suitable for your building or area.

Syntrus Achmea on step-by-step sustainability and its portfolio

Carry out a survey of the energy efficiency of 1300 shopping units in only one year.

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The Bank, Amsterdam

This former bank dates from 1926 and was designed by the architects B.J. and W.B. Ouëndag, together with H.P.…

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Multi Vastgoed affords permanent place to sustainability in (re)development

In an ideal world sustainability begins at the design phase. A precondition is that sustainability is an integral…

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