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Incentra Norway chooses sustainable partnership for IHM

The Norwegian procurement organisation Incentra represents 40 shipping companies with around 700 ships in operation around the world. Over the coming year, SGS will be providing its members' ships with an Inventory of Hazardous Materials report.

The IHM reports will provide ship owners with information on the presence of any hazardous materials on board the ships, such as asbestos, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium. This knowledge will enable the organisation to protect the safety of those on board.

IHM: A requirement for ports around the world

The IHM report states the presence of any hazardous materials, lists the quantities in which they are present and gives details of their properties. As of 31 December 2020, it will be an international requirement for all EU-flagged or EU-visiting ships over 500GT to carry an IHM report on board. This requirement is already becoming commonplace at ports all over the world.

A smart choice

SGS is a certified IHM supplier to the largest IACS members. By partnering with SGS, Incentra has chosen a reliable and sustainable organisation with a global network, which upholds the principles of integrity and impartiality. Certified IHM inspectors will be drawing up the reports for ships all over the world to a tightly organised schedule.