Asbestos in roads 3rd phase

An extensive study of asbestos in the ground

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring product that was widely used in the construction sector up until the 1990s. Asbestos also seemed ideal for use in access roads, pathways and building sites.

As a result, the material was widely used in and around the former Eternit asbestos factory in Goor and Asbestona in Harderwijk, and also partly because it was available for free. In recent years, however, it has become apparent that there are a great many health risks attached to the use of asbestos. Since 2000, therefore, all locations where asbestos is still to be found are undergoing large-scale decontamination.” (source:

Asbestos in roads 3rd phase 

Checking the soil for asbestos

In order to establish whether or not a risk to public health is present at any given site, the soil must first be examined. SGS Search Engineers Firm B.V. is one of the firms involved in this work. Checking the soil for asbestos is done by digging trenches and holes in the earth.

The excavated soil is then subjected to sensory and analytical examination. The results are used to determine the level of health risk. Should it become apparent that there are real health risks then the soil must be decontaminated. Residents of Goor and Harderwijk have been given the opportunity to apply to work on this project.