Central Station Rotterdam

Expansion/redevelopment work is currently being carried out at Rotterdam central station. The work includes the construction of a new passenger tunnel.

The SGS Search Engineers firm B.V. will be carrying out a number of studies on the soil, i.e.:

1. Pre-construction survey (to determine the quality of the soil before commencement of construction work)
2. Post-construction survey (to determine the quality of the soil after completion of construction work)
3. AP04 survey (samples) (to test the soil excavated during construction work for the tunnel for possible reuse)
4. Preliminary soil research (to determine the quality of the soil).

Central Station Rotterdam
Severely contaminated soil

Much of the ground in the old city centre of Rotterdam is severely contaminated with heavy metals and PAHs as a result of the made-ground in the city. This made-ground dates from when it was used for elevation and reinforcement purposes.

Given that the ground is severely contaminated, excavation work will require decontamination measures, in accordance with the Soil Protection Act. To this end, a report complying with the Uniform Decontamination Code (a BUS report, a synopsis of a decontamination plan) was submitted to the relevant authority, the DCMR. The decontamination measures were implemented in August 2011