All environmental performances available to further conquer the Dutch market

For the global ceiling specialist Armstrong World Industries, the Dutch market is an appealing one. 'The Netherlands is a frontrunner regarding sustainable buildings. As an innovative player, we want to play a significant role within this market. That’s why we are committed to providing insight into the environmental performances of our ceiling panels through life cycle analysis,' says Jeremy Sumeray, Armstrong's Marketing Manager Sustainability.

Armstrong World Industries is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, commercial ceiling, suspension system and wall solutions. Worldwide there are more than 26 production facilities, including one in Germany, which largely supplies production for Europe. 'We focus on top clients. Clients who are designing and building the most innovative and sustainable buildings worldwide. We owe it to our reputation to provide insight into our environmental performance,’ Jeremy Sumeray states about the why of the LCA’s.


Intensive process

SGS Search visited the factory in Germany as a starting point, and then analyzed the different types and series of ceiling panels in a time frame of around a month. Harry van Ewijk, sustainability advisor at SGS Search: 'We are talking an intensive process. We provide insight into the environmental effects at every stage of the life cycle, resulting in EPD’s and inclusion in the National Environmental Database. Armstrong now has all the environmental information available and gives objective insight into the environmental performance.'

Specific European market

'For us, it was important that we could complete this process effortlessly,' Jeremy Sumeray adds. "The European market is fundamentally different from, for example, the American one. We wanted to work with a party that knows this market. The Netherlands is a very interesting region for us. Almost nowhere in the world buildings are more sustainable and keep developing in innovative ways. Via the LCA’s of SGS Search, we provide accountability in a reliable manner. Everything has been analyzed in detail. When it comes to our environmental impact, we have a clear answer for our customers in advance.’

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