Forbo Eurocol B.V., Wormerveer

Determining strategy and implementing it in the organisation

Forbo Eurocol wanted to develop their own vision on sustainability. They asked us to help them in this process. While doing so we also took the opportunity to explore the possibilities in the market. And we also looked at innovative product development.



A sustainable future

We supervised the development of a vision on sustainability. We studied both the internal and external factors that had a bearing in the future of Forbo Eurocol. In order to inject some life into the theme, we organised an inspiration and vision day at our office in Amsterdam.

We spent a whole day working with the management and directors from Forbo Eurocol on vision, objectives and step-by-step planning. Thanks to this project, Forbo decided to vigorously pursue the matter of sustainability. Their most recent products have since been awarded the DuBo hallmark of quality.