NVM, Nieuwegein

Ensuring a prominent role for sustainability in real estate agents’ purchase and sales process

The real estate sector has been paying more and more attention to matters of sustainability over the past few years. NVM has always maintained a positive attitude towards sustainability. The only thing they were missing was an active policy and opportunities for supporting mortgage brokers in these matters. SGS Search Consultancy was asked if they could increase the capabilities of brokers in terms of sustainability at NVM.

Development of instruments of sustainability

SGS Search Consultancy developed concrete instruments of sustainability for mortgage brokers across three different sectors (agriculture, business and housing). Instruments that mortgage brokers could use in order to broaden the sustainable character of their services. By immersing ourselves in these very specific areas we were able to provide mortgage brokers with practical tools which they could use to integrate sustainability into the brokering process.

NVM, Nieuwegein  

For example, a calculator for checking costs and benefits, or the NVM quickscan that provides a standard inventory of aspects of sustainability. Or the new database specifically tailored to meet the needs of mortgage brokers. These are just some of the useful and concrete tools we were able to come up with.


  • NVM’s decision to start using the new instruments for sustainability straight away
  • NVM organised a meeting for management and regional coordinators to view the results. The reaction to the report compiled by SGS Search was excellent.
  • A great achievement to be able to use concrete tools to make a contribution to facilitating sustainable services for mortgage brokers.
  • We are firm supporters of knowledge sharing. The development of an excellent educational programme for sustainability is, in our opinion, a terrific result. By expanding the knowledge of mortgage brokers they will be able to provide their clients with better information.