Safety management

Safety risks are present wherever people live and work. Think of shopping centers, industrial areas and housing estates. Organisations should be aware of all potential risks associated with their operations, and be prepared for unwanted emergencies. How do you manage this?

Safety management

Translating rules into reality

There is a multitude of safety measures and management protocols covering the area of safe work practices. The trick is to be able to translate all these rules, protocols and plans into something that works in practice. And in such a way that everyone knows what the risks are and what they can do to guarantee their own safety and the safety of others. This requires expertise, experience and training so as to guarantee safe working practices within an organisation.

Ensuring safe working practices

Improving safety levels can be achieved through changing behaviour, sharing knowledge and raising the overall level of safety consciousness. Increasing the level of knowledge of the risks involved by carrying out inspections, measurements and drawing up inventories are crucial aspects of safety management. The same applies to the training of employees in order to guarantee safe working practices within an organisation.

Innovative, contemporary and thorough

The experienced advisors and trainers at SGS Search have combined their resources to be able to provide an extensive and professional range of services in the area of safety management. They have a thorough understanding of all the legislation, protocols and management and safety systems related to that area. They can develop targeted safety, evacuation and emergency plans, which are compulsory when applying for a license to operate. Tailor-made to your specific company needs or working set-up. They are experts in the training of people in how to work in a safe manner and how to react in case of emergency or incident.

Together with clients for the industry, services sector, healthcare and educational sectors, they draw up plans and protocols and implement them in the most practical manner possible. They devise innovative, contemporary and thorough solutions for bringing about tangible improvements in safety. Their primary points of reference in all of this are the particular demands and the operations of the client.

Comprehensible reports

It is often unnecessary to (re)examine each and every detail relating to safety management. Analysis of the results of previous studies often provides sufficient information with regard to risks. That is why some clients are often glad to avail of our (no-nonsense) approach whenever they need a second opinion. Our advisors will always furnish you with a comprehensible report containing all the facts.

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