Environment and biodiversity

For the well-being and preservation of all life on earth, a healthy and biodiverse environment is crucial. Nature provides us with vital resources such as clean air, fertile soil, fresh water and raw materials. There is a growing awareness worldwide that we need to balance our built environment more with the importance of the natural environment. Improving biodiversity, the diversity of species, is thereby essential.

Healthy living environment

Themes such as circular use of building materials, limiting CO2 emissions, healthy soil and nature-inclusive construction are finding their place and laws and regulations are moving up the agenda. Driven by legal obligations and their own convictions, governments, organisations and companies are increasingly concerned with preserving and restoring the living environment.

environment and biodiversity


More and more organisations are including protecting the environment and improving biodiversity as objectives in their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy.
They are starting to make their impact measurable, and improve it. We believe this will become increasingly important in the future. For instance, the new sustainability reporting requirement (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive - CSRD) will start requiring more and more organisations to provide insight into their sustainability policies and performance. Reporting on your impact on the living environment is part of this.


SGS Search helps you find your way through the latest laws and regulations. Through inspections, validation, project management and monitoring, we actually map your impact. Naturally, we are happy to advise you on how to further improve it.

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