Future-proof real estate

Future-proof real estate is real estate that meets legal requirements now and in the future and responds to changing user needs. It retains its value in the long term and makes a positive contribution to the well-being of the user.


Future-proof is about the ability to anticipate and act on ever-changing needs and challenges. A building must comply with current and future regulations on topics such as safety, sustainability and energy. It is also about flexible thinking and constructing to make buildings adaptable to rapidly changing user needs.

Futureproof real estate

An attractive building

Driven by legislation, but certainly also out of own conviction, the real estate sector is drawing up, implementing and reporting on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies. ESG encompasses a variety of themes on the basis of which future-proofing can be achieved. A building with a strong ESG score is better equipped- for the future: it has a higher market value, lower operating costs and is also more attractive to tenants.


SGS Search helps property owners and managers to implement their ESG strategy and goals. Do not expect theoretical essays from us, but concrete improvements that make a measurable contribution to sustainability at asset level. We do this through inspections, validation, project management and monitoring, in all life-cycle phases of real estate: purchase and sale, use, transition and demolition.

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